Marco Matarazzo

Who am I?

My name is Marco Matarazzo, and I'm a System Architect, a Developer, an Entrepreneur and a Game Lover.

My work experience ranges from complex system design and administration (,, to technical team management (, Through a long story of different activities, I learned how to tackle technical problems of various nature, and how to keep myself and my team focused on the important things. I love when I can work to reduce the complexity of the systems I work with. I believe that reduced complexity can bring great benefit in any system, in many ways.

In my free time, I love to play games (roleplaying, board games and videogames), read comics, and keep me updated on everything that revolves around technology, gaming and game design. I designed and co-wrote Gates of Horizon, a (long gone, alas) 4x cross-platform videogame. I write RPG adventures and play them as a Game Master with friends and guests in various RPG conventions. I love sci-fi, fantasy and everything in between. I try my best to find enough time to read books, alternating actual books and tech/game manuals. I like the relaxing sensation that music can give, especially Irish or Celtic one.

I am a Geek: I love technological gadgets, and I love to hack with them, understanding their deeper rules, discovering how to use them in the best possible way, even beyond their creator's original intent.

I am an IRECA operator, and I try my best to bring a bit more healing in this world, and to make it a better place to live.

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